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Online Gambling Addiction Treatment

Online Gambling Addiction Treatment

Online Gambling refers to a person’s use of the internet to place wagers on games, including poker, sports bets, lottery tickets, keno and casino games. This type of gambling is gaining popularity because of the ease of access and convenience it offers people. People can play a wide variety of games from the comfort of their own homes and have access to a large number of sites that are available 24/7.

While the internet has brought many positive changes to gambling, it can also increase a person’s risk of developing a gambling problem. For example, the lack of physical interaction can make it difficult for friends and family to notice when a person is spending too much time gambling. Additionally, online gambling often goes unnoticed and is harder to regulate.

People who are at-risk for gambling problems can benefit from an online gambling addiction treatment program. Online gambling programs typically focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy aims to change a person’s problematic gambling habits by helping them identify and avoid triggers. It can also help them work through ambivalence and strengthen their commitment to change.

In addition to CBT, some online gambling treatments include motivational interviewing (MI). This therapy is designed to help people commit to changing their gambling behavior. It can also help them work through underlying issues that may contribute to their addiction. Some online gambling programs also offer self-exclusion policies. These tools allow users to block access to their favorite online gambling websites.